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Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington London
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The Victoria and Albert Museum (or V&A) is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design. With over 4.5 million items, 145 galleries, and 5000 years of art being … Read More

Shakespeare Globe Theatre in London
Posted on2017年01月21日 星期六by

The b…

Friends, Londoners, travelers, lend me your ears! For anyone wanting to experience an unmissable theatrical experience, Shakespeare’s Globe is a historic venue that will most certainly enlighten you to the … Read More

Thames near the Hammersmith bridge
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A wal…

London is full of museums; historical museums, military museums, art galleries… you name it and London has it. But perhaps you’re looking for something a little different to your usual … Read More

Mask Shows
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Did you know London has an annual international mime festival?

The London International Mime Festival has been running for forty years and is certainly worth talking about, um, … Read More

Hyde Park
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Hyde Park is a gorgeous reserve that has its roots firmly planted in England’s history. Stemming from its first incarnation as a royal hunting ground in the 16th century, Hyde … Read More

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Any Amount of Books

In the heart of central London (only 50 yards away from Leicester Square) resides one of the best second-hand book shops that London has to offer. … Read More

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Dine …

Basement Gallery – Underground Supper Club is a dining experience like no other that allows you to dine in a London underground carriage. This decommissioned tube from 1967 is a … Read More

Hammersmith bridge in London
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Getting around Hammersmith is super easy.

Plus, thanks to a nuanced network of buses, tubes and trains – it’s super easy to get to the rest of London too!

Hammersmith … Read More

Tombstones in cemetery
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A mag…

We know, it sounds slightly odd that we’d be recommending guests to go check out a cemetery, but Brompton Cemetery is a wonder to behold. This cemetery is a botanical … Read More