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A walk-through museum like no other: Severs’ House

London is full of museums; historical museums, military museums, art galleries… you name it and London has it. But perhaps you’re looking for something a little different to your usual museum outing? Don’t worry, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Lucky for you London is also full of unique immersive museum experiences. Establishments such as The Charles Dickens Museum or The Immigration Museum plunge you head first into another world and are not to be missed. As you walk through Charles Dickens’ old home, for example, the experience is so atmospheric and alive with the spirit of Dickens that you can almost hear the scratch of his quill or the tut of his Victorian cane hitting the ground around every corner.

Even better are places such as Severs’ House that are designed not to merely be admired, but to also envelop you into the story. Travel back in time and discover 18th century London in the Severs’ House.

What is there to discover in Severs’ House?

What is the Severs’ House? It’s not just a historical walkthrough adventure; it’s also a museum, an art installation, a time capsule, a quest…It’s quite hard to define Severs’ House as it’s completely one of a kind. What we can say is this; it’s an atmospheric experience located in Spitalfields that is unlike anything else you will find in London.

Welcome to the home of the Huguenots, a family of silk-weavers from the year 1724. Enter their world, walk through their lives and relive their stories as you pass through their home. Each room is an intimate portrait of a moment in time beautifully and expertly crafted to look like a painting. Follow the Huguenots from the 18th century all the way through to the early 20th century as you weave through cellars, eating parlours and smoking rooms.

Tours are on throughout the week at different time slots to suit all. Make sure to book before you go at:

Meticulous, mesmerizing and utterly magical.

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