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Posted onFriday December 9th, 2016by

Interesting things you didn’t know…

You’ll soon find out during your stay at LUMA CONCEPT HOTEL LONDON, that London is an incredible and intriguing city, with a lot of stories to tell! Here are … Read More

Posted onThursday December 8th, 2016by

Just when you thought you’d…

Visiting The Shard, which tapers dramatically to the tallest man-made point in Europe, is an event in itself. Imagine scaling 72 storeys of architectural innovation to a mesmerising 360 degree … Read More

Posted onWednesday December 7th, 2016by

Put it on your hit…

We appreciate good design here at LUMA CONCEPT HOTEL LONDON, so it may not be surprising to learn that that we are extremely excited about the Design Museum reopening in … Read More

Posted onTuesday December 6th, 2016by

Dine in an igloo by…

Imagine watching the English sunset over the River Thames while enjoying a refined al fresco meal. Sounds close to perfect, doesn’t it?

In reality this part of the world gets … Read More

Posted onMonday December 5th, 2016by

One of the coolest places…

Chin Chin Labs is an ice cream parlour like no other. Located in Camden Market, in North London, this ice cream emporium looks more like a science lab then a … Read More

Posted onFriday November 11th, 2016by

A quick guide to LUMA’s…

Want to stay a night at the LUMA HOTEL HAMMERSMITH?

LUMA prides itself on several things (authenticity, individuality and effortless customer care to name a few) and one of … Read More

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Best things to do in…

Staying in Central London isn’t all that.


I mean, it bet it’s great IF you can afford it, don’t mind being thwacked into constantly by bustling pedestrians and have … Read More

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Welcome to the LUMA HOTEL…

With LUMA HOTEL HAMMERSMITH’S grand opening in Spring 2016 fast approaching, we cordially invite you to experience a hotel with a difference.
Here are … Read More