One of the coolest places in Camden: Chin Chin Labs

Chin Chin Labs is an ice cream parlour like no other. Located in Camden Market, in North London, this ice cream emporium looks more like a science lab then a kitschy ice cream shop.

With a menu of experimental flavours and a fascinating conceptual look, Chin Chin Labs has certainly earned its status as one of the coolest places in London.

What’s different about Chin Chin Labs?

What’s so interesting about the ice cream at Chin Chins Labs is that it’s created right there in front of your eyes. How does Chin Chin manage to do this? Well, this lab uses an extraordinary liquid nitrogen technique to make its ice cream.

Instead of using a machine or an old-school hand cranking device to create ice cream, the Chin Chin method comprises whirling cascades of billowing liquid nitrogen to form its famous desserts.

Why liquid nitrogen?

It’s very, very fast. Not only that, the ice cream it makes tends to be smoother than the likes of Mr. Whippy.

Chin Chin Labs is the first liquid nitrogen ice cream bar in Europe.

Weird and wonderful flavours

Flavours available at Chin Chin Labs change on a weekly basis and are always weird and wonderful.

Why not have a scoop of Earl Grey Tea and Marmite Toast ice cream? Or if you’re feeling festive, try a scoop of Mince Pie ice cream perhaps?

The ice cream lab is always stocked up with traditional favourites like vanilla and chocolate, but its experimental ambition for dessert ingenuity, reminiscent of Willy Wonka, is what really puts this place on the map.

LUMA CONCEPT HOTEL LONDON is always a fan of enlightened ideas and reinventing a classic, which is why we can’t recommend Chin Chin Labs enough during your stay.

Find out more

Are you interested in experiencing ‘The Best Ice Cream Parlour in England’ (The Times)?

Check out their instagram and twitter @chinchinlabs for some seriously mouth-watering photos of their desserts. Once you start looking, you won’t be able to stop. Trust me.

You can find latest menus on their official website where there’s also an online shop for picking up Chin Chin Labs goodies.

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