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A magical place: Brompton Cemetery, one of London’s Magnificent Seven historic cemeteries

We know, it sounds slightly odd that we’d be recommending guests to go check out a cemetery, but Brompton Cemetery is a wonder to behold. This cemetery is a botanical garden and open space for recreational activities as well as a burial ground engulfed in serenity and reverence. Opened in 1840, this is one of England’s oldest and most distinguished cemeteries.

Neo-classical designs make this cemetery an architectural wonder in the West London region. A must-visit destination filled with whimsy and beauty.

Which are the ‘Magnificent Seven Cemeteries of London’?

The Magnificent Seven Cemeteries of London refers to a group of private cemeteries that were built in the 19th century.

• Kensal Green Cemetery, 1832
• West Norwood Cemetery, 1836
• Highgate Cemetery, 1839
• Abney Park Cemetery, 1840
• Nunhead Cemetery, 1840
• Brompton Cemetery, 1840
• Tower Hamlets Cemetery, 1841

These cemeteries are affiliated with beautiful Victorian landscapes, open greenery, botanical gardens, beautiful monuments and more.

What can you do at the Brompton Cemetery?

• Explore the gorgeous flora and fauna that inhabits Brompton Cemetery
• Examine beautiful monuments and architecture such as the Brigade of Guards Monument
• Visit the graves of famous Suffragette Leader Emmeline Pankhurst, American singer Blanche Roosevelt Macchetta and boxer John Jackson
• Take a tour with ‘The Friends of Brompton Cemetery’ for a historical exploration of Victorian England

How to get there

If you’re planning to visit Brompton Cemetery during your stay at LUMA Concept Hotel London, travelling from the Hammersmith region is pretty quick and easy.

Directions –

Tube: 20 mins from Hammersmith to Earl’s Court Station

Walk: 10 mins to Brompton Cemetery

Overall travel time: 30 mins.

During your next stay at your Hammersmith hotel base at LUMA Concept Hotel London have a moment of peace at Brompton Cemetery. Surround yourself with beautiful flowers, trees and majestic statues and feel a strange sense of magic and beauty as you journey through the mesmerising 39 acres of this cemetery.

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