LOL nights at The Comedy Tree

The London comedy scene is world famous.

It’s big, it’s loud – it’s a bit naughty at times – and it’s very, very funny.

From all over the world the biggest names in comedy are always drawn to London, excited to make the city’s discerning audiences giggle and chortle as they share their prophetic wisdom as well as their one-liners.

If you’re a comedy fan, London is the place to be. And if you’re staying at LUMA Concept Hotel London, well, let’s just say you’re in for a treat.


Two minutes from Hammersmith tube station (only moments away from LUMA Concept Hotel London) is The Comedy Tree, one of the biggest comedy venues in London.

Have a laugh at The Comedy Tree

The Comedy Tree has been home to London’s best stand up since 2002. This venue has seen comedians from every ilk and every niche grace its stage; from the slapstick to the downright subversive, The Comedy Tree is a platform for all performers and provides audiences with that irresistible element of unpredictability, every time.

Previous acts have included: Stephen Merchant, Russell Brand, Flight of the Conchords, Jack Whitehall and Reginald D. Hunter, as well as numerous stars from popular TV shows Live at the Apollo and Mock the Week.

Come and see the small seeds of comedic talent begin their blossoming journey at the Comedy Tree, or be witness to the ancient oaks of old-school hilarity as they tickle your funny branches… sorry, too much ‘tree’ word play.

Comedy Carnival

Associated with The Comedy Tree, Comedy Carnival (which is located near Piccadilly Circus) is another must-visit attraction for all laughter-lovers.

Comedy Carnival opened in 2004, and ever since has been a go-to venue for comedians, both British and international, to showcase their work. With shows on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Comedy Carnival is another killer comedy club to check out during your London stay.

Get to know London’s funny side!

Branch out next time you stay at LUMA Concept Hotel London and explore the incredible comedy scene London has to offer.

The Comedy Tree and Comedy Carnival are only the tip of the iceberg, so get exploring and get ready for some of the best raucous, laugh-a-minute comedy you’re ever likely to find.

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