Dine in an igloo by the Thames: Coppa Club

Imagine watching the English sunset over the River Thames while enjoying a refined al fresco meal. Sounds close to perfect, doesn’t it?

In reality this part of the world gets pretty chilly during the winter months, which makes witnessing this picturesque scene a little uncomfortable.

When the UK weather cools down, what are sunset seekers with a taste for al fresco eating to do?

Surprisingly, there’s an ingenious solution to this problem. The exquisite Coppa Club Tower Bridge has cooked up a new, exciting and unique dining destination for visitors to experience.


Coppa Club Tower Bridge is a multipurpose hang-out by the Thames. As you can imagine, this bar, restaurant, café and general meet-up destination is surrounded by the best views London has to offer.

Now, to answer the question on everyone’s minds; what’s this about an ‘igloo’?

Well, the Coppa Club’s new and exciting dining destination is in… an igloo.

An igloo?!


Coppa Club’s igloos are, in actual fact, heated domes that adorn the outdoor terrace area. Dining in one of these igloos is a one-of-a-kind experience, and only moments away from the River Thames.

With their intricate, geometric glass detailing, these isolated domes look like beautiful art installations, glowing with warmth and a promise to shake the chill off your bones.

Sit back with a sheepskin blanket and let the smooth jazz or soul music relax you while you help yourself to a range of exotic cocktails and thoughtful European cuisine.

The 8 domes are available for bookings and walk ins. 3 domes are set up with a circular dining table dressed for up to 8 guests, with the others set up as casual riverside lounge areas.

No matter what time of year it is, this unique attraction is top of the ‘must do’ list. During your next stay at LUMA CONCEPT HOTEL LONDON, why not indulge in a little igloo dining?

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