The Best Shows on London’s West End

London’s West End is famous for being home to some of the best theatres in the world, and thousands of tourists and locals alike flock to see it’s world-renowned plays and musicals daily. With so many vastly different productions on though, it can be very overwhelming trying to decide what to see, especially when you don’t have much knowledge about the theatre. For those who are unsure, we’ve out together a list of the most popular shows at the West End at the moment, the ones that have caught all the headlines, and that no trip to London would be complete without.

While seasoned theatre goers may shy away from these legendary productions, there’s a reason they’ve gained such mass acclaim and popularity. With gripping storylines, incredible acting, and often flawless music and dancing, they’re definitely worth the hype and won’t leave you disappointed.


  1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Palace Theatre, Soho

Fans of Harry Potter will love this two-part, five-hour epic. Hugely entertaining and packed with action, it follows the antics of Harry and Malfoy’s sons’ at Hogwarts.

Tickets can be a bit of a nightmare to come by, but every Friday at 1pm 40 tickets go on sale on line at for each of the following week’s performances for £20 (£40 for both parts). Well worth a try.


  1. Matilda the Musical

Cambridge Theatre, Covent Garden

Tim Minchin’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s famous novel for the stage is an absolute delight. A hit on the West End for 6 years now, it has a great storyline and some of the best child-actors around. Full of energy, laughter and gasps, tickets are fairly cheap when booked in advance, and you can buy them on the day at £5, for the afternoon show for young people aged 16-25 only.


  1. The Lion King

Lyceum Theatre, Covent Garden

This is the most successful musical of all time, and with good reason. A riot of colour, sound and noise, it is an astonishing spectacle. Fill of all the well-known tunes made famous by the movie, spectacular animal costumes and props, and a contagious energy.

A limited number of seats for each night’s performance will go on sale at the box office every morning from 10am, priced £20-£25 each.


  1. The Phantom of the Opera

Her Majesty’s Theatre, St James’

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1986 hit is still going strong, and is largely considered one of the best musicals in London, and the world. The scene sets and costumes are to-die-for, opulent and lavish, while the talent of the actors is incredible as they sing some of the most demanding West End tunes out there.

For cheap tickets, a limited number of seats for Thursday matinee performances go on sale at the box office on Thursday mornings from 10am, priced £25 each.


  1. Wicked

Apollo Victoria, Victoria

After opening at the Apollo in 2006, Wicked continues to fill out this massive theatre daily. The prequel to the Wizard of Oz, this musical follows the story of the Wicked Witch of the West. Full of action and great music, it’s the perfect night out in London.

If you’re looking for cheap tickets a limited number of front row stalls seats go on sale everyday for that night’s performance. Available at 10.30am, priced at £29.50 each and must be collected in person only.


  1. The Book of Mormon

Prince of Wales Theatre, Piccadilly Circus

One of the West End’s more ‘shocking’ musicals, this is not one to take the kids to. Written by the creators of South Park, it follows a group of Latter Day Saints missionaries as they travel to Uganda to ‘spread the word’ about Mormonism. All-singing, all-dancing, it’s a terrific parody and a big laugh.

Get cheap tickets in the ‘lucky draw lottery’ for £20. Arrive at the box office at 5pm before the evening’s show (12pm for matinees) to register your name. Winners will be announced at 5.30pm (12.30pm for matinees), and must be present to purchase their tickets.


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