Shakespeare Globe Theatre in London

The best outdoor theatre: Shakespeare’s Globe

Friends, Londoners, travelers, lend me your ears! For anyone wanting to experience an unmissable theatrical experience, Shakespeare’s Globe is a historic venue that will most certainly enlighten you to the ways of ye olde England.

Shakespeare: One of the greats

Celebrating the life and works of Elizabethan writer William Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s Globe theatre aims to provide audiences with innovative versions of his works. Shakespeare’s spectrum of work is unrivalled by any other writer of his kind. His 37 plays span across the throws of juvenile love, the damnations of vengeful men, the wicked spells of dastardly imps and the rise and fall of kings.

A true theatrical master.

Since his death in 1616, Shakespeare has become one of England’s most prized national treasures, his works are performed worldwide and his timeless words loved by all.

What is the ‘globe theatre’?

Shakespeare’s Globe is a theatre located by the river in Southwark that is dedicated to the creation and distribution of exciting new renditions Shakespeare plays.

The theatre is characterised by its traditional Elizabethan design and circular architecture.

The original theatre was demolished in 1644. The version that stands on the Southbank today is a modern replica of the original building that opened in 1997.

When entering Shakespeare’s Globe it’s like walking into a living, breathing artifact.

What’s on?

Shakespeare’s Globe has Shakespearean plays (as well as other Elizabethan and Jacobian plays) on throughout the year.

In 2017 expect productions of The White Devil, Othello, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night… and many, many more!

For all their ticket listings, check out their website at:

How do you get there?

If you’re planning to go to Shakespeare’s Globe from LUMA Concept Hotel London, transport there is pretty quick and easy.

Directions –
Tube: Hammersmith – Manor House (20 mins)

Walk: From Manor House walk for 11 minutes until you reach Shakespeare’s Globe.

All in all you’re looking at around 31 minutes travel time. Not too bad!

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