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The best art exhibitions in London this January

What makes London such a hotspot for art lovers? The choice of what to see is endless. See the masters of British art at play in one of London’s fine art museums that adorn the city centre or hear the voices of our generation discuss, teach, rebel, shout and express their views on today’s society in a host of forward thinking art spaces. London is the mind, body and soul of British art. Get ready to experience inspiration around every corner.

Here is this month’s top London art exhibitions as selected by LUMA Concept Hotel London. Our hotel admires artistic ingenuity and cutting edge thinking. We want our guests to experience as much beauty and inspiration as possible in and out of our Hammersmith hotel.

Everything Exists Now

Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Wandsworth
Until Saturday 11th February 2017

Externalism: The theory that all moments in time (past, present and future) exist simultaneously. This is the inspiration behind the ‘Everything Exists Now’ exhibition in Wandsworth. 13 artists explore concepts connected to the theme of interwoven time, location and space in this explorative series.

Feminist Avant Garde of the 1970s

Photographers’ Gallery, Soho
Until Sunday 29th January 2017

Explore over 200 works delving deep into the eye-opening world of 1970s feminism. Identity, sexuality, domesticity and the body are some of the many themes you are invited to savour in this powerful and honest exhibit made up of photography, photo-montage, video and sculpture. A confessional display of female expression that will certainly give you food for thought.

Flaming June: The Making of an Icon

Leighton House Museum, Kensington
Until Sunday 2nd April 2017

Leighton House Museum is incredibly close to LUMA Concept Hotel London in Hammersmith, making this exhibition a perfect day out during your West London stay.

Sir Fredric Leighton was part of pre-Raphaelite movement in the late 19th century. His paintings are ornate, mythic wonders often including forlorn women cradled in flowers and draped in billowing silks. This exhibition sees the return of one of Leighton’s most iconic images – Flaming June. The painting was an odd piece for the time, the perspective is unusual and low-notes of carnal desire make this peaceful image of a woman slumbering ache with visceral energy.

A must see exhibition for pre-Raphaelite, renaissance and Victorian art fans.

Adventures in Moominland

Southbank Centre, Southwark
Until Sunday 23rd April 2017

The first ever Moomin inspired exhibition ever to take place in the UK. Adventures in Moominland is made up of drawings, 3D models, sketches and Moomin themed memorabilia. The collection is vast and aims to inspire whimsy and a sense of childhood nostalgia. Explore seven interactive worlds with an audio guide helping you discover the Nordic landscapes that originally inspired the Moomin universe.

Intrigue: James Ensor by Luc Tuymans

Royal Academy of Arts, Mayfair
Until 29th January 2017

James Ensor was one of the most radical creative minds of the 19th century. His satirical and theatrical body of work was highly influential in the development of expressionism. His avant-garde view on the world rebelled against the conservative artistic climate of 19th century Brussels. However, this did not detriment his immortal legacy as a legendary master of the macabre and the fantastical. Dive deep into the work of James Ensor in this extraordinary exhibition curated by fellow Belgian artist Luc Tuymans.

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