9 good things that happened in 2016

A lot happened in 2016… A lot.

Brexit happened. The US presidential election happened. We lost David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, Leonard Cohen and countless other legends. ‘What on earth is going on?!?!’ was the battle cry that rung out as we ran for dear life out of 2016 and into 2017.

Even though 2016 had its difficult moments, and its horrendous moments, and it’s even worse moments, a lot of good also happened this year. Here are some GOOD things that happened in 2016.

1 – Giant pandas are no longer endangered! There are now 2060 pandas in the wild, which means giant pandas are now classified as ‘vulnerable’ rather than endangered.

2 – A British man being treated for HIV in a new medicinal study showed no sign of the virus after initial treatment. It’s still too early to tell whether this a certified cure or not but we’re certainly one step closer.

3 – ‘Pokémon Go’ took over the world. Who could’ve guessed that this app would be so addictive? It has the perfect blend of 90s nostalgia, impressive graphics and gotta catch ‘em all incentive.

4 – A plane went around the entire world without a drop a fuel. How? The first solar powered plane took flight to prove to the world that you don’t need fossil fuels to travel. This is a great step towards a greener, cleaner world.

5 – Leo FINALLY won an Oscar for his role in The Revenant.

6 – The series Stranger Things restored our faith in TV, leaving us begging for more telepathic, inter-dimensional, conspiracy, 80s nostalgic drama.

7 – Two colour blind brothers saw colour for the first time after trying on scientifically designed glasses. That’s incredible!

8 – Letting agent’s fees were banned in the UK! Pop open the champagne! Letting agents are no longer allowed to hit renters with huge bills for doing… um… no one knows exactly what, saving people a whole lot of time and a whole lot of dosh.

9 – Planning on visiting London in 2017 but don’t want to stay in a faceless corporate hotel? It’s hard to find a hotel with warmth and personality in any city, but now London is finally providing visitors with a hotel with a difference… 2016 will be known as the year that LUMA Concept Hotel London was conceived and started construction. Believe us when we tell you that this West End hotel has big plans to change the hotel industry for good. What makes LUMA Concept Hotel different? LUMA Concept Hotel London celebrates simplicity and exceptional customer care; who cares about big marble pillars, long corridors and needlessly ostentatious interiors when you have what really matters – a hotel that really cares about you.

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